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Shifting pixels – comment on the new website

new GES Website

(GES what's new, NLQ4/16) After a year of planning, development and implementation, we recently launched our new website. Corresponding to contemporary aesthetics the design is rather extensive, appears tile-design and is optimized for mobile devices (responsive)…

Long ago there were times when websites were thought and designed as electronic business cards. Today, they are a central marketing tool, customer interface, sales channel, information platform, product database, projection screen and image carrier. Although it is merely an abstract collection of electronically organized pixels, websites today embody and represent a company more than any enterprise or factory building still so impressive.

We particularly focused on the implementation of a content management system (CMS), which made service and maintenance easier and laid the technical foundation for further development. Obviously, the goal always is to arrange the procurement of our products as easy and timesaving as possible.