High Voltage Connectors in high-tech applications

Apart from its traditional use in utilities' infrastructure, the transmission of electricity under high voltage is also an essential component in complex manufacturing and testing methods. Many of these methods are based on the use of so-called "ionizing radiation", whose kinetic energy or quantum energy is sufficient to change or penetrate atomic states.


The generation of ultraviolet, x-ray or gamma radiation, electron and ion beams or plasmas demands high acceleration voltages and is commonly found in industrial and scientific operations. As one of the very view specialicts for high-voltage interconnections worldwide, we focus on critical applications:

Semiconductor- and Microelectronics

In an increasingly intelligently networked world, semiconductor technology and microelectronics play a central role in virtually all areas of life, product categories, industrial sectors and research areas. Value-added processes and supply chains are directly dependent on semiconductor circuits. Technical development and production require physical methods such as lithography, implantation and planarization; the production facilities and processes are extremely complex and quite expensive. The quality, reliability and longevity of the elements and components used in the systems are therefore of the utmost importance.
GES high-voltage connectors of M series, MC series or 100 series have been used in semiconductor production and research for many years; from the production of photomasks to electrostatic grippers to electron beam lithography. To meet the standards of our customers, we also develope customer-specific high-voltage connectors due to the high and often very specific requirements of "Capital Equipment Manufacturers".


Typical Applications

Micro Lithography, Ion implantation, Reactive-ion Etching, CVD/CDE/PVD-Processing, Diffusion, Electrostatic Grippers, …

Particle Physics & Fusion Energy

Physical research is one of the most important areas of application when it comes to GES connectors. Not only are we in contact with technical universities worldwide, we also supply the most important national laboratories in the USA (Sandia, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, etc.), the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva (CERN) or the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY).
Our 100 series is of particular importance here, the advantages of which are fully utilized. But S series and MC series are also popular solutions in accelerator systems for particle research. One area of application that has emerged in recent years is nuclear fusion; the fusion of atoms to produce energy. Although still in research, we now supply several companies in the USA and the EU.
Research into the building blocks of the universe is the foundation for all technical innovations of the future. We are particularly proud that our high voltage connectors enjoy an excellent reputation here.


Typical Applications

Linear Accelerators/Synchrotrons, Cathode Ray Tubes, Electron Guns, Travelling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Klystrons, Thyrotrons, …

Analysis- and Inspection

High-voltage sources are used in many analysis and inspection technology processes, including the generation of X-rays. This has not only been a proven analysis method in medical technology for many decades, but is also used in the food industry, in customs investigations and in many production processes for inspection.
Our VP series, S series and M series are used, among other things, in X-ray diffractometry for structural analysis of crystals for the semiconductor industry or in mass spectrometry to measure the mass of atoms and molecules. Or in ultra-high vacuum surface analysis, where surfaces of materials are analyzed using electron diffraction.
These high-precision processes do not allow any tolerances in terms of quality and reliability and therefore represent an optimal field of application for our products.


Typical Applications

Spectrometry, Chromatography, Crystallography, Focused Ion Beam, Electron Microscopy, Non-Destructive Testing, X-Ray Detection, …

Medical- and Biotechnology

High voltage has always been found in medicine and biotechnology. Here, the field of application ranges from medical patient applications such as oncology or radiography to laboratory devices in biotechnology. Procedures such as electrochemotherapy, computer tomography or gamma ray sterilization are typical applications for the S series or VP series. In laboratory sample preparation, samples are not mechanically crushed, but shattered into microscopic particles with ion beams; the MC series has proven itself particularly well here. In UV disinfection, viruses and bacteria are destroyed with ultraviolet radiation, which is also a typical area of application for the VP series.
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, protection against pathogens has become a focus of both our social and political policies. The damage they can do is enormous. With our products we can make a small but valuable contribution.


Typical Applications

Fluoroscopy, Angiography, Mammography, Lithotripsy, Tomography, Radiation Sterilization, Electrophoresis, UV-Disinfection, Specimen Preparation, …

Material Processing & Insulation Testing

Material processing and insulation testing are a traditional focus of high-voltage technology; many traditional production procedures in heavy industry rely on high-voltage induced methods. With electron beam welding, free electrons are accelerated to half the speed of light (!) and bundled into a beam that creates a deep welding effect. Or thickness gauging, where precision measurements are carried out on the rolling mills in steelworks using x-rays. Our M series and the extremely robust MOD series have proven their worth here, as have customer-specific solutions.
Cable testing, cable fault location and insulation testing are other traditional fields of application. Did you know that practically all electrical components in an electric vehicle are high-voltage tested? Our 100 series has become a classic in its own right when it comes to cable testing, while for high-voltage tests in the lower performance range we have developed the MCS series.
These industrial applications are the nursery of GES, which is why our products are characterized by an unusually high level of robustness and durability.


Typical Applications

Electron Beam Welding, Electrostatic Coating, Thickness Measurement, UV-Curing/Bleaching, Induction Heating, Corona Charging, Cable/Insulation Testing, …

Emerging and Future Markets

  • Renewable energy
  • Agricultural engineering
  • E-mobility
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Plasma physics
  • Space propulsion
  • Nanoelectronics


The technological paradigm shift from fossil to electrical and sustainable energy supply as well as the increasing intelligent networking between man, machine and infrastructure open up new areas of application. We register increasing interest from markets we had little or no contact with so far. These are exciting fields of application for new products, in which we can contribute our experience and our motto: A solid product from a reliable supplier.