High Voltage Connectors in high-tech applications

Apart from its classic use in energy distribution infrastructure the transmission of current under high voltage is a substantial procedure in a variety of capital-intensive and complex manufacturing-, application- and testing operations in high technologies. Many of these operations rely on “ionized radiation” where kinetic or quantum energy is sufficient to manipulate or penetrate atomic formations.

The generation of Ultraviolet-, X-Ray-, Electron- and Gamma-Radiation or Plasmas demands supply of very high acceleration voltages and is commonly found in diverse operations within Semiconductor- and Microelectronics, Analysis and Inspection, Medical- and Biotechnologies, Material Processing and Testing/Measuring as well as Particle- and Nuclearphysics.

Specialized on instrumental HV-Interconnections we focus on critical pulsed and precision applications and offer a wide performance variety for up to 100 kV in single-pin, multi-pin, hybrid or custized and deliver rapidly and worldwide.

Semiconductor- and Microelectronics

Semiconductor technology and microelectronics have been an important resource of key components for electrotechnical products for many years. Physical processes like lithography, planarization, implantation and related measurement technology are playing a main part in semiconductor manufacturing. Production machines and processes are often very complex and require a high level of quality, reliability and performance. GES connectors of Series M, Series MC and Series 100 are being used in semiconductor production and semiconductor R&D for many years, i.e. in manufacturing of masks for optical lithography or in electron beam lithography.Some applications in the semiconductor industry require very specific connector characteristics. Beneath standard connectors GES has also developed customized connectors to fulfill the requirements for highly individual performances. 


Typical Applications

Micro Lithography, Ionimplantation, Reactive-ion Etching, CVD-Processing, CDE-Processing, PVD-Processing, Clean Room Technologies, Diffusion, ...

Analysis- and Inspection

High voltage sources are being used in a wide range of analyze and inspection devices, i.e. for generating X-Ray radiation. X-Ray diffraction for analyzing the structure of crystals or quasi-crystals is one of the applications Series VarioPro connectors are being used for. Mass spectrometry is an analytical chemistry technique and a complex process to measure the mass of atoms or molecules. Series S connectors are reliable components in mass spectrometers for many years while the multi-pin high voltage connectors of Series M are often found in applications using vacuum like UHV surface analyzing systems for determine the nano structure of surfaces.


Typical Applications

Spectrometry, Chromatography, Christallography, Focused Ion Beam, Electron Microscopy, Non-Destructive Testing, X-Ray Detection, X-Ray Scanning, ...

Medical- and Biotechnology

In the recent yars voltages over 1000 Volt got increasingly introduced in medical devices and in biotechnologies. In medical technology PTFE versions of Series VarioPro connectors are used in electrochemotherapy (ETC) and electroporation applications.Series S connectors can be found in advanced biotechnological laboratory equipment such as a nano spray dryers for producing a dry powder from a liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas.


Typical Applications

Fluoroscopy, Agiography, Mammography, Lithotripsy, Tomography, Radiation Sterilization, Electrophoresis, ...

Material- and Test Equipment

A wide range of equipment in material- and testing technology need high voltage for their technical processes. High voltage is often to be used for insulation tests of electrical connections in many fields of the electrical industry and the production of electrical devices. Multi-pin connectors of Series M, Series MC, the new Series MCS and the robust industrial connectors of Series MOD are being used in many different test applications in the field of non destructive testing (NDT) such as non-contact x-ray measuring systems. In cable fault location and cable testing Series 100 is first choice sice the needed voltages can get very hiegh.


Typical Applications

Electro Beam Welding, Electrostatic Coating, Thickness Measurement, UV-Curing / -Bleaching, Induction Heating, Corona Charging, Electrostatics, Cable Testing, High Voltage Testing & Measuring, ...

Particle- and Nuclear Physics

One of the most important fields of application for GES high voltage connectors is the field of particle and nuclear physics. GES supplies many technical universities and research institutes in Germany, Europe and worldwide, amongst others the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN or the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg and Zeuthen. Both organizations rely on GES’ competence in high voltage connections and in particular the high performance and reliability of Series 100 single pin connectors.


Typical Applications

Cathode Ray Tubes, Electron Guns, Linear Accelerators, Travelling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Klystrons, Thyrotrons, ...