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1. Products

High Voltage needs accuracy

Quality is the key. High Voltage transmission is a substantial procedure in a variety of capital-intensive and complex manufacturing operations in high technologies. On our High Voltage Connectors we therefore emphasize rugged, durable and premium mechanical designs with best electrical properties. It is our aim to provide our customers with an ideal solution – not with the cheapest!

  •     up to 100 kV DC
  •     best electrical properties
  •     high ampacity
  •     high mechanical strenght
  •     high temerature resistance
  •     high mating cycles
  •     UV-resistant / EMV-optimized
  •     high variance
  •     extended functionality

2. Quality

High Voltage involves risks

Safety is top priority. Reliability and application safety of HV-Interconnections strongly depend on quality and condition of the insulation materials, professional manufacturing und quality assurance of all components as well as careful assembly and cable attachment. That way we can considerably eliminate the threat of critical breakdowns and collateral damage or even injuries.

  •     ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
  •     high-quality materials
  •     rugged design
  •     non-toxic finishing
  •     experienced quality control
  •     longtime proven
  •     100% Made in Germany

3. Reliability

High Voltage is different

Collaboration pays off. High voltage technology demands special user knowledge. Creeping current, sparkover voltage, corona, plasma and ozone gas are common side effects to deal with. We consultatory accompany projects and attempt customized solutions for our customers. More than 25 years of experience and modern design- and prototyping-equipment are used therefor.


  •     technical advice
  •     3D-modeling
  •     3D-prototyping
  •     samplings
  •     tests & records
  •     cable assemblies
  •     modifications
  •     customized solutions

4. Service

High Voltage is odd

Trustful customer relations are our uppermost goal. That is why we undertake constant efforts to arrange the procurement of our products as efficient and timesaving as possible. Durable products, rapid delivery, administrative flexibility and business reliability support the timeline of your development- and production-projects in a cost cutting manner.


  •     individual advice
  •     quick order processing
  •     rapid delivery
  •     reliable after-sales
  •     flexible procedures
  •     minimal bureaucracy
  •     worldwide sales network
  •     top customer satisfaction
  •     more than 25 years in market