Product Revision: The new Series MC is available

Series MC multi-pin High Voltage Connectors by GES High Voltage.

Product Revision: Series MC multi-pin High Voltage Connectors

The most important thing first: All types of the revised version are 100% compatible with all previously supplied MC connectors. The mounting cutouts for device sockets and plugs remain unchanged. Customers do not need to adapt their housing panels!

At the heart of the design revision is the integration of cable strain relief and shield support into the connector housing and thus the omission of an external cable gland. The new clamping system offers five finely graduated clamping areas for cable outer diameters of 6.5 - 14mm.

In addition, instead of the integrated cable connection, we offer two types with an open M20 or M25 thread. In this way, cables can also be connected to the connector via protective hoses or corrugated pipes with the appropriate hose or corrugated pipe fittings.

Changeover period: The changeover to the new variant will be smooth over the next few weeks and months - depending on the inventory of the old design.


>> Please download the leaflet HERE and forward it to your CUSTOMERS and colleagues relevant to the topic. <<